<span>, (IRELAND)</span>
"As far as I remember we are consulting with Dr Avinash Lele since last 30 years when my father had very low hemoglobin. Natural medicines without any side effects. Since last 10 years we are consulting Dr Nandan Lele . My mother had problems with hypertension and with Dr Nandan Lele’s help she don’t need to take dozens of tablets anymore. This is incredible. So far we have referred dozens of patients to Dr Lele. Everyone to whom we recommended have only great things to say and many people come from different cities travelling from long distances which is always a good sign.

<span>, (PUNE)</span>
"It was my pleasure to be the patient of your clinic. The treatment received was excellent. It was a very pleasant experience to have a relaxing Ayurvedic massage and other treatments at your clinic. Services are marvelous. I shall recommend your clinic for those wishing to have a good Ayurvedic treatment. Overall I would like to rate excellent for all. All the Best!!!

- Mr Harshad Khutale , (PUNE)
<span>, (Curitiba-Brazil)</span>
"I know Lele’s family since 2008. Our relationship started when i became a patient and student of Dr.Avinash Lele in Brazil, who inspired me to go to India to receive treatment from his son Dr.Nandan in their clinic in Pune. Since then I returned to India three times to stay with Dr.Nandan and Dra. Amruta Lele to receive Panchakarma treatments and lessons from them. And I’ve been receiving them in Brazil also to give lessons and consultations on Ayurveda to Brazilians. Personally I trust them and recognize them as great physicians and teachers, with high intellectual abilities, sensibility and compassion towards people. All the Brazilian community of ayurvedic students and patients have the best opinion among them."
- Marcos Elias , (Curitiba-Brazil)
<span>, (Brazil)</span>
"My first contact with Dr.Nandan was in 2013 in a lecture in Brazil, when the main impression left was his devotion towards the Human beings and their need. Two years later got the opportunity, or better, the honour to spend one month with him at his Clinic in Pune for learning purpose, following all consultations, medicines preparations, therapies applications, studies, and even his family life, and some extremely important points are remarkable- His absolute respect towards the Shastras, speciallyCarak Samhita,Treating patients not diseases, first approach on a proper way of living,= All medicines prepared with care on quality but mainly with full devotional energy present,Inspiring sessions while reading and commenting the Carak Samhita,REAL Authority to heal as from diagnosis till prescription of life style and treatments, since he and his family live in their routine the concepts he teaches to Patients and Students That’s really inspiring. I am proud to say that I am always learning a lot with my Friend Nandan. All the best!

- Mr Fransisco Paquet , (Brazil)
<span>, (Sao-Paulo-Brazil)</span>
"I first met Dr Nandan in my Ayurveda class in Brazil. At that time his tranquility and ability to explain the basics of this immense knowledge showed how deeply evolved he was with Ayurveda. But the period I spent in Pune at his clinic, was like a journey into ancient India. I was able to experience the relationship between Ayurveda, history, philosophy and every day routine, through his explanations. He was able to transform difficult subjects into simple and very applicable knowledge. And by this, giving meaning and adding consciousness to our acts , not just at work but also in our lives. This experience at his clinic with Dr Nandan and his wife Dr Amruta turned me a better Ayurveda therapist but more important, a better person. The harmonious atmosphere of the clinic and the pleasure of learning always come back to my memories as the best ones. Gratitude is what comes to my mind when I think back about this period of studies! "
- Marta Magalhaes , (Sao-Paulo-Brazil)
<span>, (PUNE)</span>
" Visiting Tejomay Ayurved is a very calming, soothing & satvik experience. Patient here is treated with utmost care. It’s pleasing & comforting set-up, experienced & knowledgeable doctors & caring staff makes you feel relaxed. I strongly feel that any disease would get quickly healed at Tejomay Ayurved. I have had this memorable & cherishing experience ! What are you waiting for?"
- Mrs.Vandana Deshpande , (PUNE)
<span>, (PUNE)</span>
" Dr Nandan Lele, a highly learned, serene, sober and a very kind doctor has been extremely helpful in curing complex ailments & complaints of body, mind & soul !His patience & readiness to listen wholeheartedly, his positive approach & his perfect diagnosis is what each & every patient appreciates, aspires for & benefits from every single time !!"
- Mrs Suparna Bapat , (PUNE)
<span>, (PUNE)</span>
" Dr Nandan Lele is a thorough gentleman & a very very good listener. He treats us with utmost care, sincerity & focus. His medicines & advice (so as the patient is treated holistically) are spot on ! A clean, caring, generous, giving & gifted mind in an equally up to the markset-up is what we call him & his clinic.Newly renovated clinic is not only pleasing to eyes but to Soul too as we feel positive & healed."
- Mrs Kanchan Mahajan, (PUNE)