Panchakarma is a speciality of Ayurved. It is also called as mind- body cleansing programme.

It is performed even in healthy individuals as a preventive measure and to improve the quality of life.

It is performed as a curative measure in those who are suffering from various acute or chronic illnesses.

Only after a careful & thorough examination of the patient, our Ayurved experts suggest a suitable Panchakarma treatment plan.

During the whole process, patients are expected to actively participate in the cleansing & healing process.  Patients are encouraged to follow beneficial lifestyle which includes

  • Nourishing yet light to digest warm, satvik meals
  • Sipping balancing herbal teas or infusions
  • Practice of Pranayam, meditation & warm-up exercises
  • Regular & fixed eating & sleeping hours
  • Controlled exposure to wind, sun, sound etc
  • It is a three steps methodical, induced, controlled and therapeutic purification of our mind, body and senses.

First step: (Pre-cleansing) involves two types of therapies

1. SNEHANAM (  Oil Therapy or Oleation)

A full body massage with medicated oils, with or without internal oleation loosens the toxins accumulated in the body and moves it into the gastro-intestinal tract. A full body massage provides extreme relaxation which helps to relieve you from mind-body stress and nourishes the nervous system

2.SWEDANAM (Sudation or Sweating)

Medicated steam dilates the channels, liquefies toxins and facilitates its movement into the gastro-intestinal tract. These toxins are then removed from the body through panchakarma therapies.

Second step: The five methods of Panchakarma/Mind-body cleansing Procedure

  • VAMAN -Therapeutic, induced, controlled,vomiting or emesis.
  • VIRECHAN – Therapeutic, induced, controlledpurgation.
  • BASTI –Therapeutic enema of medicated oils and decoctions.
  • NASYA (Nasal Administration of Medicine) – Toxins accumulated in the sinuses, nose, throat and head are eliminated through nose. Nose is considered as a gate way to brain.
  • RAKTAMOKSHANA (Bloodletting) – It is the method of removal of small amount of blood.It also includes application of leaches to the affected site.

Apart from these  five mind-body cleansing treatments many other treatments are a part of mind-body relaxation programme. These are called as Allied Panchakarma treatments.

Some of the Allied Panchakarma treatments:

These are extremely relaxing, nourishing & beneficial treatments ,helps to relieve mind-body stress & fatigue.These treatments bring a memorable peaceful experience

  • Shirodhara
  • Shiropichu
  • Shiro-mukhabhyanga
  • Padabhyanga
  • Karnapuran
  • External Bastis: Kati basti, Udarbasti, Manyabasti, Hrudbastietc
  • Pindasweda
  • Patra pottalisweda
  • Janudhara
  • Udwartan
  • Gharshan
  • Lepa

Third step: Post cleansing Care

This includes restoration of diminished digestive fire back to normal by gradual intake of light food to normal food.

Once the digestive fire is restored Rejuvenation therapy is administered to improve the immunity and avoid the recurrence of disease.